Twists Expected From Boruto Chapter 79

After chapter 78’s beautiful illustration, fans have a lot to say about what they think will happen in Boruto chapter 79. Many questions are left unanswered in chapter 78, which leads the fanbase to visualize their ideas about what could happen in Boruto chapter 79. So here is some twists to be expected from Boruto Chapter 79.

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Kawaki’s name in the bingo book

In Boruto chapter 79, Kawaki may escape from the village and plan to kill Boruto again. Additionally, having been involved in several revolting acts, Kawaki could be considered a rogue. Furthermore, as word spreads to other villages, they will also look for him. So, it’s likely that his name will go in the bingo book in Boruto chapter 79.

Boruto learns to use Jougan

In Boruto chapter 78, we saw that Sarada tried to get in between Kawaki and Boruto’s fight. Meanwhile, Kawaki was ready to kill Sarada. Boruto jumped in to save Saradao, and that was when he got a scar on his right eye.

When Boruto opened his right eye, Momoshiki took control of him, and Jougan appeared in his right eye. In Boruto chapter 79, Boruto might train with Sasuke to learn how to use Jougan without giving control to Momoshiki.

Eida and Daemon leave Konoha

Eida seems to be cooperating with Shikamaru. She helped Shikamaru find out the reason for Naruto and Hinata’s absence. Eida also confirmed to Shikamaru that Kawaki was planning to kill Boruto again.

Eida already mentioned that she has special feelings for Kawaki. She came to Konoha to live close to Kawaki and learn more about him. But if Kawaki leaves Konoha, Eida and Daemon could also leave the village. And, due to Eida’s power to make anyone fall under her charm, no one can stop them.

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Boruto’s vision comes to reality

Boruto chapter 75 showed that Boruto had a vision through his Jougan that Shikadai, Chocho, and Inojin surrounded someone near the Hokage-face stone. Additionally, in that vision, Boruto saw Sarada saying she found the one they were looking for.

In Boruto chapter 79, it is possible that the authorities will launch a search party for Kawaki, while Shikadai’s team, Sarada, and Mitsuki will try to stop him. As they are Boruto’s friends, it seems like they are angry because Kawaki intends to kill Boruto.

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