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UK Announces Lockdown: Doctor Strange and Batman To Continue Shooting?

If the last year has taught us anything, it is never to plan. No matter what plans we had, everything came to a crashing halt.

2020 still not over?

But last year, by August, every production was resumed, and shows like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier finished their shooting and are already set to release soon.

But other big projects like Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness started their filming only in November, so they can’t finish it already. In Batman’s case, they did start shooting before Multiverse of Madness; still, due to the problems imposed by the virus, they had to shut down or postpone many times.

Is Batman too not immune to the virus?

Director of The Batman shares this picture of Batmobile

Ironically, even Batman came down with the virus. But every shooting resumed and was going smoothly until the virus decided to mutate itself. Now that people who all thought 2020 was the end of the virus have had five days to realize they were completely wrong, UK and California have brought down heavy regulations and new rules for lockdown.

The UK has announced lockdown till mid-February, and LA has no time limit. The cases in these places have gone out of hand once again, so the government is taking every needed precaution now.

Glimmer of Hope

But after all, there might be some good news for movie industries and fans. According to the new Tweet by the Secretary of State For Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport for the UK, it is said that the shooting may resume but must follow strict regulations.

While this is good news for those big studios who have long-laid plans and doesn’t want something like a virus to disrupt their calendar, some fans are concerned. While entertainment is not more important than health, and the entertainment industry is not a must function industry, we still need them.

We need them to survive.

Doctor Strange in Avengers: Infinity War

How do you suppose those shows and movies that we now enjoy on Netflix or other streaming platforms come to our screens? While we are bored beyond belief with this new lockdown and rules, those are the ones that give us some kind of entertainment.

But it’s not worth risking your life, and even the authorities know that. Even though movie production can function, there are many regulations and strict rules with more than enough precaution, which actually costs the movie production millions.

While they risk so much to bring us our entertainment in these tiring times, all we can do is pray and hope and stay safe and take necessary precautions so that this virus leaves us once and for all.


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