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Uncle From Another World Isekai Comedy Anime Adaptation Announced!

The isekai trope is much beloved and will never fail to entertain the anime community. The good news here is that a new isekai comedy manga has been picked up for an anime adaptation.

Kadokawa made an announcement on Friday that mangaka Hotondoshindeiru’s manga Isekai Ojisan, also known as Uncle From Another World has sprouted its own television anime counterpart.

Hotondoshindeiru first launched the manga on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website in June 2018. Also, Kadokawa is set to publish the manga’s sixth compiled book volume on the upcoming June 23. The series currently has 1.5 million copies in circulation. Yen Press published the manga’s first volume on June 8.

When was the Uncle from Another World Anime Adaptation Revealed? 

The very concept of this manga is ridiculously funny and has been a hit in Japan. The video announcement of Kadokawa is also hilarious, and comes in a mock documentary-style.

The video announcement was uploaded on Kadokawa Anime’s official YouTube account on June 18.

The interviewer questions a random man his view on isekai stories and the Uncle From Another World manga specifically. He later reveals that the manga will be getting an anime adaptation. But the man is convinced he’s been fed “fake news.”

You have to admit, this is a very refreshing and unique way to announce a new anime! It amused a lot of fans too and many are curious of what the anime has in store.

What is the Plot of Uncle from Another World? 

Yen Press licensed the manga and the description given below is borrowed from them.

Takafumi’s uncle fell into a coma seventeen years ago but now he’s back, claiming to have been in another world all those years of his coma. Takafumi then learns two new things.

One thing is that his uncle absolutely loves video games, and, while in a coma, he was actually transported to another world where he acquired magical skills.

Now, Takafumi has to live with a magical uncle and at the same time, update him on nearly two decades of history- be it technological advancement or modern TV tropes, and also how their entire family broke apart after a huge fight.

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