Undead Unluck Chapter 81 Release Date and Spoilers


After a painstakingly long wait, Andy and Fuuko finally had a small piggyback reunion in Undead Unluck. With the stakes being all-time high, the duo will try to defeat Spring while battling against The Under. But with opponents like Billy and Rip, will The Union be able to succeed? Can we expect a head-on battle between Andy and Billy?

If you are interested to know more about the release details of Chapter 81, read on.

Undead Unluck Chapter 81 Release Date:

According to the Shonen Jump Chapter Schedule, Undead Unluck Chapter 81 is all set to release on October 3, 2021. There is no news of delay as of now.

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Undead Unluck Chapter 80 Recap:

After a long wait, Andy finally comes to save Fuuko from Billy’s hands. The Undead enters with a bang and snatches away his Unluck. 

Then they escape the vicinity to defeat Spring. On their way, both of them have a sweet reunion conversation only to be disrupted by ‘levitating’ Billy. 

And keep in mind, it’s not the flying part that is scary but the whole building was leaning on one side. Billy reveals that he has many more abilities and says that they don’t have what it takes to defeat Spring. 

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Amidst all this, Fuuko silently swept away from her comfy piggyback ride to approach Spring at the top. And her partner Andy kept Billy busy with the help of props made by Clothy. 

What can you expect from Undead Unluck Chapter 81?

We, as the readers, have seen how strong Fuuko has become and Andy can notice it as well. But, it seems like Billy is still gravely underestimating the power of Fuuko as a person. This opens an opportunity to show how Fuuko can also be useful when her team needs it the most.

The next chapter will most probably focus more on Fuuko. Meanwhile, Andy will try to stop Billy and he might be aided by his friends too. Nevertheless, one can expect another fascinating and enchanting new chapter as the saga continues.

Where to read it?

Shueisha’s MangaPlus and Viz are good choices for reading the latest chapters of Undead Unluck.

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