Upcoming K-Dramas To Watch In October 2023

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming K-Dramas to watch in October 2023.

Strong Girl Nam-soon

Lee Yoo-mi ( Squid Game) plays the titular character in Strong Girl Nam-soon, a new show from Strong Girl Bong-soon writer Baek Mi-kyeong.

She plays a woman with superhuman strength who went missing as a child but is reunited as an adult in Gangnam, Seoul, with her rich mother (Kim Jung-Eun) and grandmother (Kim Hae-sook), who are also superpowered. Together they seek to take down a drug gang in their glitzy neighbourhood. (JTBC, October 7)

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A Good Day to Be a Dog

If she kisses anyone she is doomed to turn into a dog at midnight for six hours. The transformation repeats itself every night until the sharer of the kiss kisses them again in their dog form. Her romantic nightmare begins when she accidentally kisses her colleague, played by Cha Eun-woo of the K-pop group Astro. (MBC, October 11)


Shin Ha-kyun ( Beyond Evil) plays Han Dong-soo, a bookish lawyer with a secret dark side which is awakened when he takes on a new client in prison – the dashing Seo Do-young (Kim Young-kwang of Somebody), who is the number two in a gang. At Do-young’s side, Dong-soo embarks on a new life of crime. (ENA, October 14)


In this new Netflix series, Bae Suzy ( Anna) plays an idol group singer who suddenly announces her retirement and begins living a cloistered life in a shared house near a university.
In his first role since completing military service in South Korea, Yang Se-jong (Dr. Romantic) plays a student at that university who comes to live in the same house. The pair become attracted to one another. (Netflix, October 20)

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Moon in the Day
Kim Young-dae ( Sh**ting Stars) plays top star Han Joon-o, who takes part in a public service ad with firefighter Kang Young-hwa, played by Pyo Ye-jin ( Taxi Driver).

She winds up saving him during an accident on set and starts working as his bodyguard. But when Joon-o wakes up, his body has been taken over by the spirit of a Joseon kingdom nobleman seeking revenge against the wife who killed him, who looks just like Young-Hwa. (ENA, October 25)

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