Vampire Knight: The love between Zero and Yuki


The Vampire Knight anime series came out on April 8, 2008, and the second season instantly followed up with its release on November 26, 2008. It is a dark fantasy show that focuses on human-vampire relations. 

Because of its mysterious romance and attention-grabbing storylines, the series has done pretty well commercially. Though the anime stopped premiering after two seasons, fans already have divided opinions on the love triangle of Kaname, Yuki and Zero.

In this article, we will delve into the chemistry of Zero and Yuki.

Vampire Knight : About Yuki and Zero

Zero Kiryu, Yuki’s childhood friend and a secret guardian of the Vampire group. He has extreme hatred for the Vampire community due to his past experience. His family was killed by a bloodthirsty vampire.

Yuki Cross, also a guardian of the night shift vampires. She is the adopted daughter of the Cross Academy, a school attended by humans and Vampires. The day shift operates for humans while the night shift for vampires. As the show develops, it is unveiled that Yuki was actually a pureblood vampire.

Zero and Yuki : What was their love like?

Yuki and Zero are childhood friends so they have bonded over the years. Also since Zero has quite a shy and touch-me-not personality, it prevents him from making friends. So Yuki is the only one close to him.

They seem to be more comfortable and relax when they are together. Even as a child, Yuki was able to soothe Zero when he had nightmares.

The most significant moment is when Zero drinks Yuki’s blood. He confesses that he wants to drink only her blood and she is his true love. This is especially big because vampires can only satisfy their thirst by drinking blood from their true love.

There is also a huge fanbase shipping Zero and Yuki. They were voted as the Most popular couple in the January 2008 issue of LaLa magazine.

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