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WandaVision Episode 3: Pietro and Ultron Connection


If you haven’t watched the third episode, then run and watch it now! This article contains spoilers!

Wierd to Dark

WandaVision went from weird to dark just in a fraction of seconds. We thought that the third episode would be just as funny as the previous one, but it didn’t just stop there.

We got to see Wanda giving birth and everything, and we finally know now that Wanda is the one responsible for West View and that the neighbors know what is happening but are quiet, probably because they are scared of Wanda.

The jolly old good show brought in the darkness and the action a little, as the world’s reality started to seep into Wanda’s perfectly built daydream.

Vision’s Confusion

Vision starts to question a lot, and the neighbors’ fake smile begins to fade away in the 3rd episode. While Wanda does everything she can to stop Vision from asking further, we don’t think she will do it more.

Wanda had dropped her Sokovian accent until now because of this being her daydream and all. But it was brought back, and to tell when she got that accent again, she was more terrifying would be an understatement.

Geraldine, aka Monica Rambeau, comes to get a bucket from Wanda but ends up helping Wanda give birth. After Wanda gives birth to the twins, Wanda and Rambeau are left alone in the room.

Blabbering Rambeau

While Wanda is standing there admiring her two babies, she says to Rambeau for the first time that she too was a twin and that she had a twin brother called Pietro.

Monica, who had been quite unable to figure anything out until then, suddenly figures something out and says about Pietro being killed by Ultron. Wanda is disturbed immediately.

Even after Rambeau trying so many ways to distract Wanda, she gets caught. Wanda’s accent by then becomes thick, and the terrifying reaction makes us never want to be in Monica’s place ever.

S.W.O.R.D gets a package!

Wanda breaks her character and questions Monica. She sees the S.W.O.R.D symbol in Monica’s chain and asks about it, and then finally sends her flying. Rambeau, covered with a golden energy shield around her, is greeted by guns of S.W.O.R.D agents pointing towards her.

Monica is still in her 70s costume, and it is unknown if she will remember what had happened inside.

With Pietro and Ultron being mentioned after a long time now, it is quite evident that Wanda has been compressing her agony, pain, and sorrow, and finally, now with the death of all her dear ones, it might’ve caused her to take action like this.

According to many fans, all of Wanda’s repressed feelings are the reason for Wanda acting up now. We would have to wait and watch to find out what made her finally snap.




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