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WandaVision Episode 6: Everything You Need To Know


WandaVision sure knows how to keep its audience hooked. Well, Marvel does, and the sixth episode is proof of that.

Even though nothing as monumental as we thought happened, still the episode gave a lot of boost to the storyline, and we can see it is building up to something big.

If you haven’t seen the episode, then refrain from reading the article. I warn you again, Spoilers Ahead!!

Bizarre Halloween

Well, as we knew from the trailer, kids suddenly come out of nowhere and are seen going around collecting candies; well, they couldn’t collect them thanks to Pietro and his new minions.

Everything in the center and a few kilometers from the town looks normal, but once you cross some places, everyone is stuck in a loop or standing without any motion.

Wanda might be an Avenger, but she is definitely causing so many people so much pain now, and this, when it gets out, won’t look well for her already mixed image.

Hayward, the terrorist!

As Darcy said, Hayward might or might not be an actual terrorist, but he is closer to being one. He kicked away Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy, the only three who had been helping Wanda and S.W.O.R.D.

This makes us think that maybe Hayward is Ultron in disguise like many fans believe already. Also, Hayward up to something because he is hiding something, and Darcy tried to get through it but ended up getting caught in the bubble before that.

Obviously, now there would be no stopping Hayward’s madness as he has all the more reason to shoot down Wanda now.

Agnes still a villain?

One of the letdowns for fans was the fact that their theory about Agnes being Agatha Harkness being debunked.

As we could see, Agnes was in the same condition as others while she was near Ellis Avenue. She recognizes Vision when he brings her back to reality once.

Even then, she keeps asking him just to help; so, she might not be Agatha Harkness.

Vision’s Memory

If this new theory that Ultron is Hayward is true, then it means that he was reprogramming Vision to achieve the initial plan of Ultron, global destruction.

We know that SWORD went from observing to creating weapons, which kinda sound like what Ultron was doing. Also, if all these are true, then Vision’s memory might’ve been erased by Ultron himself.

But if Vision can’t remember Avengers and anything else, how can he remember Wanda? Is it something Ultron didn’t erase, or is it something Wanda did to bring back his memory only about her?

There are also chances that Wanda is the one who erased Vision’s memory so, we don’t know anything for sure.

Darcy’s Help

It was said that Darcy Lewis would help Vision remember his past with the Avengers. Now that Darcy is inside and near to Vision, she might be able to help.

For that to happen, Darcy must remember who she is. Vision did see Darcy on the outside, and she was the only one yelling at the idiots standing there to help.

So, there are chances that Vision does his thing and makes Darcy remember, and that might be the only way to take down the bubble now that everyone working outside is now inside the bubble.

Also wondered why Wanda and Pietro were so curious about each other’s life. Like he knew about Vision and his death and kept asking how she was doing it. Weird! Just weird!

With only two or three episodes left, this sure does give us a lot of questions.

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