WandaVision: Marvel’s Error Found By Fans


Let’s just agree that Marvel, Dc, or any other big franchises have loyal and devoted fans who will notice everything there is to find.

Who Run the World?

Without a doubt, fans have gone from just going gaga over their favorite stars to becoming experts in the show or movie they are watching. Fans run the show now, and there is no changing that.

Marvel is known for its accuracy, grandeur, attention to details, Easter eggs, clues, massive success, and tease. There is nothing marvel does without having a reason behind it.

Now, it looks like they are humans, after all!

Sharp-Eyed Fans

A Twitter user noticed something odd about Vision in one of Marvel’s commercials for the promotion of WandaVision.

In the ad, Wanda and Vision are both seen enjoying in the swing, and while Vision is in his true AI avatar, his hand or the skin we could see through his shirt is still Bettany’s skin color.

To be clearer, they forgot to paint Maroon color in Vision’s hand. This piqued the interest of fans and have them wondering if Marvel made an error.

Not the first!

Is Wanda Maximof the key to the opening of Marvel Phase 4

As far as we could see, it looks like they forgot to cover Bettany’s hand. And with so many other significant errors happening in more prominent franchises, this doesn’t look like the worst yet.

Well, remember the Starbucks cup in Game of Thrones and the Jeans guy in The Mandalorian? Yeah, those are far worse than this, but it’s not like Marvel to make errors such as these.

There are chances that it is a way to denote that Vision keeps changing from his true form to human form. Or simply something Marvel editors missed.

Did Marvel notice it yet?


No matter what, we applaud the eyes of fans who find stuff like these out. I mean, this is what helps us find Easter eggs and clues more efficiently, so keep up the excellent work, people!

Unlike the Jeans guy and the Star Bucks cup, we don’t know if this issue has reached Marvel yet. If it had and they kept continuing, it means that it was out there for a reason. If not, they will remove it soon or release an edited ad from hereon.

Anyhooo, it looks like we would have to wait to find out what Feige and the gang think about this mishap.

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