WandaVision Merchandise Hints Evan Peters Isn’t Really Playing Pietro Maximoff

With Evan Peters playing Pietro Maksimov in WandaVision instead of Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprising his MCU role as Wanda’s dead brother, people were sceptical about Quicksilver appearing in Westview.

Episode 4 of the ill-fated Disney Plus sitcom ended with Pietro on Wanda’s doorstep, leaving fans at a loss as to how or why this happened. The most popular theory among viewers is that Peters is still playing Quicksilver from the Fox X-Men movies and somehow ended up in Westview via the multiverse. Even after the whole Pietro episode in WandaVision Episode 6, this theory still holds up with minimal gaps. But there’s something wrong with the latest speedster, and it has nothing to do with the old X-Men movies.

Pietro Maximoff WandaVision

There are many hints that this “Pietro Maksimov” is not who he claims to be in the Disney+ MCU premiere, and casting Evan Peters in WandaVision is a smart move for Marvel Studios. Their fans are speculating. Recently, a new Funko figure was released for WandaVision, “Pietro Maximoff”, which features Evan Peters from the sixth episode of the series in full Halloween costume. And he seems to have invented his own balloons too. Wanda and her family have a funk-horror character, but Uncle Pietro is a little different from the rest of the gang.

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Although Papa Pietro! Like the rest of Maksimov’s group, his comic-book-inspired horror costume doesn’t have the descriptive “Halloween” tag next to its name like the rest of the collection’s packaging. More interestingly, Pietro’s name on the box is in quotes, distinguishing him from other Funko characters created for the new Disney+ show.

What’s the big idea here? Why pop isn’t the new speedster? Was he called “Pietro on Halloween” to match the rest of his family, if he wasn’t actually part of the Maxim family?

Maybe put the name “Pietro Maksimov” in quotes instead of adding an indicator on the Funko box that this Halloween cake is a reminder of the biggest thing Ivan Peters’ character does as the Devil. If that happens, it will be another traumatic experience to add to Wanda Maximoff’s long list, and it will certainly be a major plot point in WandaVision, immortalized in a three-inch vinyl figure named “Pietro Maximoff.”

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