WandaVision Pitched as a Six Hour Movie- Paul Bettany

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The excitement in The Air

Stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen haven’t been able to contain their excitement for their upcoming series on Disney Plus, titled WandaVision.

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Bettany, who plays the role of Vision, recently looked back into Avengers: Endgame where his character had supposedly died, in an interview. He became candid while saying that he had thought that the executives at Marvel Studios would be letting him go. Instead, he got a surprise when Kevin Feige, the president of MCU, pitched the idea of WandaVision, which would be a sort of a six-hour movie. The news has both the actors dumbfounded, shocked and excited at the same time.

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Actors’ Comments About the Disney Plus Series:

Paul Bettany also said that WandaVision was not only very avant-garde but also quite weird and messed up to say the very least. Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, on the other hand, said that the two actors are getting a chance to explore a completely new and different genre with the series while referring to the rise of the sitcom universe, which is what the show has been described as ever since its inception.

Additionally, the actress also said that the details of her, as well as Bettany’s role in the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, are still unknown since the series is in the process of being written as of now.

WandaVision Details

WandaVision was announced in early 2019, along with many other Marvel series which are being created for Disney’s video streaming service called Disney Plus, slated to launch in November next year.

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WandaVision will be premiering on Disney Plus in the spring of 2021, just prior to the sequel of Doctor Strange, titled Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

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