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WandaVision: Producer Opens About Adding Monica Rambeau To The Series

Marvel changed its entire pattern when they brought the OG Avengers story to an end in phase 3.

New and Improved Phase 4

With phase 4 bringing in a lot of new changes and with so many characters added to the MCU, fans are even more excited. From characters, patterns, and intervals between the products, everything has taken a considerable rise now with phase 4.

WandaVision is gearing up for a massive release on January 15 worldwide, and with Marvel doing everything it can to do the needed promotion, fans are having the time of their life getting a lot of marvel content, news, and theories from the interviews.

First Clip 

With Elizabeth Olsen recently releasing one full clip from the series in the Jimmy Kimmel show and updating how Doctor Strange 2 shooting is going on, we got some more information from the co-executive producer Mary Livanos from her interview with SFX magazine.

As all comic readers know, Monica Rambeau doesn’t have anything to do with Wanda or Vision. After going through every source material, the producer, along with others, decided to bring in more characters to the show, and one among them was Monica Rambeau.

What is she doing in WandaVision?

Ever wondered why you didn’t get many theories on what she is doing in the series? Well, here’s your answer! “I try to read all the comics, noting every appearance of each character that I deal with,” this was the reason why she was able to make the connection.

Even though the character is not entirely mapped out yet, it will ‘enrich’ the show, according to the producer. “Her inclusion in the series was a discovery, and not quite mapped out, but it’s enriched the show.” All we know as of now is that S.W.O.R.D is at play in WandaVision and that Monica is introduced as a S.W.O.R.D. Agent.

Also, from the trailer, we know that Monica suddenly remembers her past and is thus eliminated from the fake world. With Monica calling out Wanda’s name like she knew her means that Wanda and Monica have already met.

But according to some reports, it is said that Monica will get a little bit of a handle on her newly obtained powers and will not be a rookie anymore when she joins Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel in Captain Marvel 2.

All we can do is wait and see it for ourselves as to what Monica Rambeau is doing in WandaVision!

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