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WandaVision Theory: Hayward Is Ultron In Disguise


The thing with Marvel is that no one is actually dead, and anyone can be brought back if the gang at Marvel HQ deems fit. A new theory now suggests that Hayward might be Ultron in disguise.

How is it possible?

Well, for starters, fans think it because of the similarities between Hayward and Ultron. Oh, wait, not the one we only saw in Age of Ultron, they are talking about the one who did a five-episode stint in Avengers Assemble.

Oh, to the unknown, Avengers Assemble is an animated series. In its third season, someone very similar to Hayward’s WandaVision character came up, and he ended up being Ultron.

What are the similarities?

In the series, a powerful government official named Truman Marsh serves as Avengers’ government liaison. He is as shady as Hayward. He kept his teammates in the dark and even created a rogue team of superhumans calling them Mighty Avengers.

Hayward replaces the Hulk with the Red Hulk and orders every Inhumans to be hunted down and registered. After the Mighty Avengers get what Marsh’s true intentions are, they go and free the OG Avengers who Marsh imprisoned.

Hayward Vs. Marsh

The similarities between them are so close. In the end, Marsh revealed his true identity as Ultron. But every characteristic that he showed is very similar to that of Hayward.

Hayward has been incredibly shady from the beginning. He or, as he states, “S.W.O.R.D” has now started weapons development instead of just observing the world for danger. Much like what Ultron tried to do.

Hayward is shady, uses people by manipulating them, and always has an ulterior motive. Again, Ultron did the same with the Maximoff twins.

And if you see from the start, Hayward has been more than interested in getting Wanda killed. He lies to Monica and his team and sends a drone with a gun. Is he scared that she will out his identity?

He kept trying to prove that she was a terrorist while Jimmy Woo tried to explain Wanda’s history. He showed Wanda stealing Vision’s body when everyone had their doubts about Wanda, just so that they feel like she is the big bad there.

Did Wanda recognize Hayward?

Some fans suggest that Wanda actually recognized that Hayward is Ultron but didn’t do anything because she already had the life she wanted and killing him now and making a mess is of no use.

After assuring others she has all she wants, Wanda redirects her focus to Hayward for the second half of her sinister sentence: “And no one will ever take it from me again.”

This makes sense since Hayward was trying to kill Wanda, but some fans think it had a deeper meaning than that, and it meant Ultron killing Pietro.

Time and again, even though so many world-altering things have happened on Earth, only Ultron is brought up often.

Maybe this is a subtle hint? I mean, when can we get it right with Marvel?

Also, Hayward was more interested in Vision, and his unwanted experimentation with Vision might also give us a hint about Hayward being Ultron.

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