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We Bet You Will Be Surprised To Know The Tele series That Inspired Loki


Marvel Studios has shown it is keen on taking risks with its Disney+ shows. With the creative, sitcom-inspired structure of “Wandavision” and overt social messages of “The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,” the streaming platform has become the perfect vehicle for pushing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its storytelling limits.

The “Loki” Disney+ series, which will be the third MCU series to premiere on the streaming platform, has fans excited to see what new directions in which the MCU will head next.

Audiences can expect a time-traveling timeline, showing the impeccable care given to period dressing and setting, as well as the jaw-dropping special effects Marvel continues to showcase.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, series director Kate Herron shared some of Loki’s muses. “Blade Runner” and “Mad Men” served as influences for the show, which makes sense, given the element of time travel.

However, Herron also shared another show that has influenced “Loki,” leaving many Marvel enthusiasts incredibly curious and perhaps a bit confused.

Loki is influenced by Teletubbies

According to Kate Herron, “Teletubbies” also influenced “Loki” (via @princloki on Twitter). The British children’s series, which originally ran from 1998-2001 on the BBC, is remembered by many for its bizarre premise. The show follows four Teletubbies — plump, brightly colored creatures with antennae — who speak in a nonsensical language. They are greeted every morning by a sun with the face of a real-life baby and are friends with a sentient vacuum named Noo-Noo.

“Teletubbies” was enormously successful during its original run, winning two BAFTAs and scoring a Daytime Emmy nomination.

While any children’s program inspiring an MCU show is quite curious, it’s hard to see how a show as weird as “Teletubbies” could possibly be related to “Loki.”

Will it just have the same whimsical feel of the beloved show, or will Loki’s travels take him to a world visually similar to the grassy, sunlit world of the Teletubbies?

Herron declined to elaborate on the unexpected influence, simply saying “You’re just gonna have to wait til June 11,” — though the series’ premiere date has since been changed to June 9.


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