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We Will Have Doctor Strange 3 Before We Expected

New rumors suggested that Marvel Studios intends to release Doctor Strange 3 sooner rather than later.

While it’s true that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was only released in May 2022, despite being a commercial success, the film set up more than it accomplished.

Following the announcement of the Multiverse Saga and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars, fans questioned Stephen Strange’s involvement and how his sequel would contribute.

Now, new rumors indicated that Benedict Cumberbatch’s three-eyed sorcerer may be starring in his own threequel before the Avengers assemble again.

Doctor Strange 3 Before Avengers 6?

According to insider Jason Kane (Greatphase), Marvel plans to release another Doctor Strange film before Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and with Scott Derrickson back in the director’s chair.

In a tweet, the scooper claimed that 2026 will include “Doctor Strange 3, Kang Dynasty and Eternals Sequel:”

“2026 Doctor Strange 3, Kang Dynasty and Eternals Sequel. They are exploring moving Avatar 4 up to November or delay it back a year to give Secret Wars December instead of pushing it to May 2027.”

Big Screen Leaks supported certain details of this rumor by posting the following:

“Just heard this as well. Not sure about Derrickson returning though.”

Scott Derrickson first directed 2016’s Doctor Strange and was expected to helm Doctor Strange 2 before Sam Raimi was brought on board.

While multiple sources are reporting on a Doctor Strange 3 sooner than later, there are currently no untitled release slots ahead of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

Therefore, if Marvel intends to squeeze in Doctor Strange 3 – or any other MCU films – ahead of Avengers 5, delays would be necessary as these rumors suggest.

It’s also worth noting that James Cameron already mentioned the possibility of delaying Avatar 4 to 2027, which would allow for some additional reshuffling and a lucrative December 2026 slot.

Also, back in October, Charlize Theron teased that she “has some work to do” in terms of her Doctor Strange 2 character, Clea.

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