What Are 3 Reasons That Are Getting Us Excited For Secret Invasion?

Isolated Story With Sparce Cosmic Teases

Just as it does with thriller-style themes, the MCU usually plays out well when dealing with more isolated stories that are contained and kept fairly separate from the greater MCU.

Because of the severity of the Skrull invasion, Nick Fury and Talos won’t have any mental capacity to deal with anything else in the wider Marvel landscape as the aliens take over the world’s infrastructure.

But the very nature of this show, along with the history of the MCU, still means that Secret Invasion will be intricately woven into the fabric of the larger MCU storyline.

Fury and Talos will reunite for the first time after Fury’s efforts in space from Spider-Man: Far From Home, tying into the cosmic side of the Marvel universe even though the plot of this series will likely take place exclusively on the MCU’s home planet.

But looking at the MCU’s future, it will also play an important role in setting up 2023’s final theatrical movie, The Marvels, with a chance that the Skrulls could even play a role in that sequel in the same way they did for the first movie.

Speaking of that first movie, Emilia Clarke’s G’iah will also provide a tie back to 2019’s Captain Marvel as she reunites with her father, Talos, with the pair tackling much more adult challenges as a rogue sect of Skrulls assert their power on Earth.

Additionally, Monica Rambeau had an important post-credits moment in Episode 9 of WandaVision with an unknown Skrull, tying the MCU’s first Disney+ show in with both this new one and Teyonah Parris’ first big-screen outing.

And while Secret Invasion is sure to keep fans on a singular path and focus on the Skrull invasion, there are sure to be a fair share of greater MCU connections.

Potential For Epic MCU Cameos

Due to the Skrulls’ ability to shapeshift into anybody that they see, and given the way the rogue group of aliens is set to infiltrate Earth, many fans are hoping to see some of the MCU’s biggest names replicated and simmed in Secret Invasion.

Looking at that idea realistically, it seems a bit far-fetched to expect heavy hitters like Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man) or Chris Evans (Steve Rogers) to come back, although there could be other big names on the table.

Considering how the series will dive into many of the government’s biggest secrets, SHIELD personalities like Natasha Romanoff or Clint Barton could be faces that the Skrulls go after to help gain access to certain information.

There’s also a chance that some fan-favorite characters from years past could be revealed as imposters that have been on Earth for a long time, with many believing Don Cheadle’s War Machine or Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross to be options in that regard.

Additionally, many still have hopes that Chloe Bennet will reprise her role as Daisy Johnson from Agents of SHIELD in the series, as she was a big part of the Secret Invasion story from the comics. And while Bennet has repeatedly denied being involved with the show, there’s no way to definitively count her out.

All of those don’t even count the idea of the Defenders being seen, or even some of the more unusual MCU heroes like Rocket Raccoon or Groot, which the Skrulls may use for even more discretion.

And while it will all depend on the MCU actors’ schedules and how much money Marvel was willing to shell out for cameos, the chance to see some of these stars be used in the Skrull War is too good of an opportunity not to think about.

Characters and Story Above Action/VFX

More so than almost any Disney+ show in the MCU to date, Secret Invasion looks to focus on other storytelling devices in the MCU apart from action sequences and VFX-heavy special effects.

Of course, the series won’t be completely devoid of VFX altogether, as fans have already seen numerous instances of Skrulls shapeshifting into Earth’s natives in their quest for planetary domination. There have even been some new powers in trailers that will appear in the MCU for the very first time.

But at its core, Secret Invasion will look to focus on character development and a grounded, real-world story – very much the same way other MCU projects like the Captain America trilogy did.

Nick Fury will finally get to take a leading role in the MCU after 15 years as a supporting character, naturally leading to a more down-to-Earth story as he uses his spy knowledge to find out the truth about the Skrulls.

And while superpowers are what allow the Skrulls to change appearances, the core plot thread will focus on deciphering who’s on which side of the battle and learning why each side is doing what they’re doing.

For even as good as the MCU is at telling fantastical stories, this diversion for Secret Invasion will only help it to be one of the best stories Marvel Studios has ever told.

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