What are our Avengers up to in quarantine?

Ever since Avengers Endgame ended, it has been hard to accept that we will no longer get Iron Man and Black Widow movie. But our luck, Phase 4, has a Black widow movie, and we will get to see her one last time as an Avenger.

Now since DC is celebrating and having its fans all excited about with its movie line-up, we are bored and sometimes so angry that we don’t have something big coming. But behold, we still have so many movies left. Maybe not one as massive as Avengers, but others will also definitely quench our thirst. Anyway, ever since the pandemic broke, all of us have either been attending tedious zoom calls or sleeping our butt off.

Here is an article that brings to you what our favorite avengers are up to. And thank goodness everyone in the MCU is safe and sound. Yondu was tested positive, but you know him; he is Mary Poppins, so coronavirus took a teeny tiny umbrella and flew away. Don’t even want to talk about Chadwick Boseman. It still hurts.

Robert Downey Jr

Our Iron Man is following strict lockdown rules and is being safe. He is enjoying his time with his family and cats. He celebrated his 15th anniversary with Susan Downey last month. His post about that just gave us tears. Anyway, remember when we realized Tony Stark is way similar to Robert Downey Jr? Yes, we were right as RDJ recently posted a video of him joining the fantasy football league for the AGBROS Superhero league. This year to honor Chadwick’s memory, they will be donating some money to a few different charities and setting up some scholarship funds. And Downey Jr has declared war already in the video and said, “Let The Trash Talking Begin!”

Chris Evans

OH, the love story of every fairy tale princess. No, I am not talking about his love life, talking about his bromance between him and Dodger. That is one lucky pup! Chris has been following every protocol and staying with his dog, exercising, and napping. I guess (even though he already took a big one for 70 years) still, what else do you do? He keeps sharing picks of him and his bud and makes us go “Awwwww!”

Chris Hemsworth

Let me first tell you what he is not doing! The man ate a whole birthday cake all alone without giving it to his adorable little kids. Apparently, that was in his bucket list. We understand the want to eat a whole cake, but we still take the kid’s side (probably because my father might get inspired and do the same). Other than that, our demi-God is surfing, goofing around with his kids, and finding some vicious animals in his bedroom!

Scarlett Johannsson

Our favorite spy and one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood was seen relaxing in the Hamptons. Paps last photographed her while she was walking around the beach with her dog. Her movie, Black widow, has been postponed for release, and we are very eagerly waiting to watch the film in theatres, just like old times. According to some sources, Scarlett is in the Hamptons with her fiancé.

Chris Pratt

If you follow Pratt on Instagram, you would’ve had the same thought as me (adopt a lamp and live on a farm). But that’s not just what he is doing. Our Peter Quill has become the proud dad to his baby girl, Lyla. Catherine, his wife, is part Kennedy and Swayze, so the kid has some excellent genes, I tell you.

Mark Ruffalo

Our favorite Hulk is with his family in this lockdown. But you know one thing for sure that he is doing something for the environment. Ruffalo’s latest concern has been about his home river, depleted by an explosive fracking gas industry with Trump’s support.

Tom Holland

Tom Holland buying a live Chicken and chasing it around the garden video was my favorite pass time in the quarantine. Well, those who are wondering what it was about. Tom tried getting eggs in the supermarket for a while but couldn’t get for some time due to people’s panic buying, so; he decided to raise a chicken. Anyway, if you are done laughing, better not forget to hit the like button. As of last week of July, Tom went back to shooting his new movie, Uncharted.

Benedict Cumberbatch

58th BFI London Film Festival: Opening night – ‘The Imitation Game’ screening at the Odeon Leicester Square – Arrivals
Featuring: Benedict Cumberbatch
Where: London, United Kingdom
When: 08 Oct 2014
Credit: Lia Toby/WENN.com

Cumberbatch is a very private person and keeps himself away from all social media. But he is expected to star in ‘Now you see me 3‘ along with our dear Hulk. But, we do not have any official statement released regarding that. But many speculations saying that he will play a villain or a cop was roaming the internet.


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