What are some facts about the actor Chadwick Boseman?


Chadwick Boseman was a one-of-a-kind actor. His performances have left a legacy in our pop culture. Particularly, he instilled the character of Black Panther with a sense of nobility, humility, and physicality that can’t ever be replicated. He struck a chord and inspired, at a time when people needed it most.

Here are some of the facts about our beloved Chadwick Boseman

Taking a class taught by Phylicia Rashad at Howard University made him consider an acting career.


Boseman traces his ancestors to Sierra Leone in West Africa.

His first television role was on an episode of Third Watch in 2003.

With only Little League experience playing baseball, he spent five months training for the movie 42.

Boseman says playing James Brown takes more energy than playing the Black Panther: “You can be tired in the suit, but not singing a song.

He was an athlete as a child; was involved with Little League baseball but primarily played basketball.


Studied acting at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford, England, after graduating from Howard University.

Originally aspired to be a director.

Made his TV debut in a 2003 episode of Third Watch.

Trained for five months with baseball coaches to prepare for his role as Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013).

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