What Is A Higher Vampire?

The Witcher season two is about to bring another roaster full of monsters and creatures pertaining only to the fictional universe and fans will never be ready for it.

The ones that are confirmed to appear are the Higher Vampires that can hide in plain sight, and there is no way for a human or even a Witcher to detect it with his medallion.

Yup, that’s how good they are. Oh, to add to this, they are immortal too. Just hope you never piss off one of them.

What are the monsters we will see in season 2?

The Witcher season 2 is gearing up for its release and we might finally get to see the trailer any time soon, and fans are excited because of the enormous amount of content they will be getting in the next few days.

Many reports have confirmed that since we will be seeing the Nivellen,  we will also finally meet  Vereena the Bruxa. Video game fans and Book fans are already too excited to see how these monsters will be brought to life.


With the introduction of Bruxae, we know that it is time we learn about the Higher Vampires. Now, to the unknown, Bruxae is the Witcher Universe equivalent of real-world Vampires.

But don’t think they are as simple as the ones we have seen in other sci-fi shows or movies. They may have some characteristics that resemble a vampire also might take the form of a bat, but these are nothing like the ones we have seen before.

Will the Witcher season 2 be darker?

With these monsters and the introduction of Crones, the second season is about to get thrilling and darker.

Can the Higher Vampires do basic stuff like the other ones? Yes, they can take the form of a bat and drink blood and are immortal, but that’s not only it. These vampires and their types, which we might come across in the second season, can drink blood, but they are not in need of it to survive.

So basically drinking blood is optional.


Blood is just a form of alcohol to them and not needed to survive. That alone puts them in a different league.

This stuff is common to most Vampire creatures in the Witcher Universe, but Higher Vampires are a class apart.

What are Higher Vampires?

They are just some of the most intelligent creatures in the Witcher Universe who have the ability to hide in plain sight. Not even a Witcher medallion can detect them.

The show has not introduced the medallion like the games. but according to the book and the games, the Witcher’s medallion can actually detect any magical creatures or monsters nearby.

They don’t bother with the humans, but they will only reveal when they deem fit. If they are revealing themselves, then it’s probably to help or to kill. They are known to do both.

They don’t necessarily live in the forest or far from the human population too.

What makes Higher Vampires special?

Vereena Bruxa By Jana

Well, for one, they can take the form of humans and can show no signs of a vampire. They can walk in the sun, they are unaffected by Silver, and they don’t need blood to survive. So, it’s pretty much up to them to let you in on the secret.

They like living in the cities and not in a dark abandoned cave. Another thing worse than them being this smart and can evade any detection is that they cannot be killed. So, this puts them in a league of formidable foes for Geralt.

The only way a Higher Vampire can be killed is by its own species. They are not affected by Silver, and any dire injury caused by others will just put them in a regenerative state, slowly healing over time.

They are highly powerful, and each one possesses different abilities, so the opponent has no clue what the one he is facing can do.

No powerful mage or a champion Witcher can kill them immediately. It’s a stroke of luck for the Witchers that they are rare, and they are not all interested in killing humans.

So, let’s just hope everything that Geralt meets will not bother him, and let’s hope no one sends them after Ciri.


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