What Could Be The Future Of Sylvie In MCU After Loki Series?

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The season finale of Loki has raised a lot of questions. We have multiple questions about Loki and Sylvie’s relationship, Mobius’ past, new characters, as well as Sylvie’s desires. With the ending, we ask what role Sylvie could possibly play again after she got what she thought she wanted. So what is the future of Sylvie in MCU after all that has happened?

At the end of the season finale episode, Sylvie killed He Who Remains and we see that she gets everything she has planned and has worked towards. However, the fans can’t help but notice that she still seems alone, not knowing what to do next and where to go from there.

Sylvie’s Story In Loki

We have no doubt that Sylvie’s character is one that is driven by rage, revenge, and anger. And much like Loki, she does not really know where to direct her anger to. Commenting on Sylvie’s potential future, Loki director Kate Herron said that killing He Who Remains “did not solve all her problems”.

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“I think the really key thing to show was that I always think about her emotionally being sort of in the same space that Loki was in Thor, she’s driven by revenge and anger and she doesn’t know where to put this anger and so she puts it into what she does to He Who Remains and I think it was really important to show that it didn’t solve all her problems,” Herron revealed.

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Herron also stated that Sylvie is not happy and satisfied just because she achieved something she thought she wanted. “You see that look on her face, she doesn’t feel cathartic, she doesn’t feel good, she still feels this hollowness,” she admitted.

The Future Of Sylvie In MCU

Played by Sophia di Martino, Sylvie’s character was one of the biggest highlights of the Loki series. But with this ending, does this mean Sylvie has no future? Or can we assume that she has a lot to work on and grow from in the MCU?

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Director Kate Herron wouldn’t give a clear answer. However, she hints that Sylvie’s journey could go on. “I think wherever she goes, she has quite a journey to go on, but yeah, I don’t know. I mean she’s in the Citadel for now, so yeah,” Herron commented.

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