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What Does Kazhudai Mean In Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 1?

What Does Kazhudai Mean In Never Have I Ever Season 2 Episode 1?

It is officially the time to talk about Devi and her new drama. Season 2 has dropped on Netflix, and we are ready.

When is Never Have I Ever season 2 dropping on Indian Netflix?

Well, all ten episodes have already dropped in India and all the other countries worldwide. The time of release is 12:30 pm IST.

After making up with her mom and Ben and Paxton, her new life begins now, and we are excited.

What Does Kazhudai mean?

Well, to those who haven’t seen the first episode yet, let me warn you about the spoilers.

To those who have, yes, Devi’s mom uses this word when she sees Ben and Devi kissing outside in the car.

What language is Kazhudai?

Devi’s mom uses this word, a pretty common Tamil word used by parents to scold their kids. Is it abusive? Yes, but do Indian kids take that seriously? Nah.

It’s as common to them as being called so many other words in parents’ scolding dictionary.

Anyway, the word Kazhudai means, Donkey in Tamil, and Indian parents, especially Tamil parents, use this word with all their hearts to scold their kids.

It’s also a form of affection. Like you know that they care because the ones that don’t use words or actions to show they are pissed at their kids really don’t care.

Anyway, to all the non-Tamil-speaking friends, make sure you don’t use it much, but it’s actually a cool swear word.

If you get caught, just say you called them by a pet name and run before they switch on google translate.

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