What If…? Episode 1 Beast: The Main Villain in Doctor Strange 2

Marvel has always fictionized the goriest of monsters. In the first episode of What if…?  we saw Red Skull summoning the giant tentacled octopus that devours everything, it comes across. Captain Carter later takes down this Multiversal monster but ends up getting transported to another timeline via the portal.

Guardians of Galaxy Vol.2

The monster draws a parallel with The Abilisk whom we saw in the opening scene of Guardians Of Galaxy Vo.2. Also, Flashback to baby Groot dancing to the tunes of “Mr.Blue” while the other guardians were busy fighting the monster. (One of the smoothest opening scenes in MCU)

If rumors are to be believed, our first conclusion can be wrong. The beast appearing at the end of episode 1 of What if..? can be Shuma-Gorath, an omnipotent ancient demon.

Who is Shuma-Gorath?

Avenger taking over the beast (Source: Marvel Comics)

Shuma-Gorath was first introduced in Marvel Premier #3-10 in November 1972 publishings. Conan the Barbarians written by Robert Ervin Howard’s inspired this character. This demon was banished from heaven along with his fellow elder gods. He is considered as one of the Chaos’s primal power (who, like Thanos’s love of Death, is a physical embodiment of the state). Shuma is also seen amidst the other six most dangerous villains in MCU. 

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Dr. Strange in the Multiverse Madness

The battle between Dr.Strange and Shuma-Gorath (Source: Marvel Comics)

Shuma-Gorath can be seen as the main villain of the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel. The doctor had faced him in a battle of wills in Strange Tales Vol. 2 #14.  In issue #3, Stephen Strange is attacked by Nightmare where he claims to be forced to fight by an unnamed menace. “I swore to destroy you—so that he could take over the Earth,” proclaims Nightmare. Seeing his existential conflicts in follow-up issues, we think the theory is worth revisiting. Additionally, thanks to Tom Hiddleston, we know that What If…? can be linked-to upcoming events in MCU. 

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Madness is expected to release in 2022. Watching this weird cycloptopus in a war with Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme will be eye candy for marvel fans.   

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