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What If…? Episode 4: Doctor Strange Becoming The Sorcerer Supreme

In the 4th episode of What If…? we saw Doctor Strange’s journey becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. We also witnessed the complexities of a dual timeline in one Universe.

A series of events lead to exploitative outputs making Doctor battle against evil himself at the end. In the entire episode, there was a constant emphasis on the Absolute Point in the time.

What is the Absolute Point of the time?

The occurrence of multiple events depends on one particular incident. The event cannot be changed and is unmovable. It will continue to happen repeatedly, even if the circumstance and context are changed.

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What happens in the Marvel Universes? 

The Ancient One clearly explains how Doctor’s becoming of a sorcerer was dependent on Christine’s death in this Universe. Her death acted as a catalyst that made Strange travel in a hunt for power to bring her back to life.

In the original universal timeline, Doctor losing his arm became the Absolute Point. This made him venture on a journey to become a sorcerer, later defeating Dormammu.

The universe would cease to exist without Christine dying (in this universe) and Doctor losing his arm (in the original universe). No matter how much he tries to change this past, it will happen.

Courtesy: Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

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An adverse effect of trying to mend Absolute Point was Doctor Strange turning into Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme and the Universe collapsed.

So, if an Absolute Point shows up again in the MCU, there’s no changing what happens. That also means everything that has happened in the MCU to this point, as far as we know, is fairly malleable. But the opposite is also true. Absolute Points probably do exist, but this is the first time someone has directly encountered them – with utterly grave consequences.

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