‘What If’ footage shows Zombie Captain America, Black Panther as Star Lord & Peggy Carter as Captain Britain

The 2019 Disney D23 Expo saw the reveal of the first footage for the first Marvel animated series on its video streaming platform Disney Plus.

The Footage:

In the footage, Captain America was seen as a Zombie, who was fighting with Bucky Barnes. Moreover, Peggy Carter picked his shield and became Captain Britain, while T’Challa, the king of Wakanda was being transported to a faraway galaxy to become Star-Lord.

All of these are different spins that will be given to characters in the upcoming Disney Plus series What If…?

The series is one where time, reality, as well as space, are all parts of a prism which offers an endless number of possibilities.

Other Commentaries:

According to the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige, What If…? will reportedly merge 23 different films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

They will be interwoven in a way such that they will bring to notice a single minute difference in every episode, which will go on to affect and change the outcomes as well as the lives of the superheroes in quite a drastic way.

Feige, when commenting about the show’s teaser at the D23 Expo, also stated that the series has the objective to explore how a small change can not only change the outcome but the story as well.

Facts About the Series:

What If…? will be streaming on Disney Plus, and will feature the voices of almost all of the stars who have worked in the numerous films made by Marvel Studios.

Even after that, it hasn’t yet been confirmed whether Chris Evans (who plays Captain America) and Robert Downey Jr. (who plays Iron Man) will be a part of the series and give voices to their respective characters.

The teaser opened with the dialogue which stated that time, space and reality are more than just a linear path. Together they make a prism of endless possibility.

Together, they can make a single choice branch out into infinite possibilities, thereby creating worlds different from the ones we already know of, a world that could have been.

The dialogue was said by the Watcher, who acts as a guide through the new realities. He further asked the people to follow him and thus face the unknown, ending the statement with a request to think about the question, what if…?

The teaser surely made the wait for the series more painful.

Other Details in What If:

What if…? has Black Panther as Star-Lord, a glimpse into the world where Bucky did not fall off the train and went to fight a zombie version of Captain America in a battle.

Moreover, the most exciting part about this world is that Peggy Carter becomes Captain Britain. Fans will surely like that Peggy has been brought back because they love the character a lot.

Michael B. Jordan, Josh Brolin, Sebastian Stan, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Hemsworth, Samuel L. Jackson, Karen Gillan, and Jeremy Renner will be lending their voices to their respective characters in the series, along with others.

What If…? is slated to premiere on Disney Plus in 2021?

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