What If Leak Confirms An Episode of Steve Rogers As Spider-Man

A new leak about What If…? Suggests that there will be an episode where Steve Rogers will be Spider-Man.

What If…? Is this true?

What If…? It Will bring us back every Avenger we lost already to Thanos and give us some perfect alternative scenarios that brought in significant changes in the MCU.

As far as we know, the leak is trustworthy. Also, the “What If…?” will be an emotional one as Chadwick Boseman had actually finished the dubbing for this before his death.

As to what the leak says, we might see Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa as Star-Lord.

What is “What If…?”? 

What If…? It will be an animated 10-episode Disney Plus show which will bring significant events in the MCU in a new light as to What If It happened differently.

The show is said to drop mid 2021, and no other information regarding it has been leaked. Marvel sure does have a lot stationed to release this year.

Yes, even the dead Avengers cast will return to give their voice for the show, and it would be fun to see them in different characters.

Here’s Every info we got from the leak

A lot of them are about Captain America. Some of them are what-if Peggy Carter was Cap and what if Captain America was a Zombie. Along this line, we will see Chadwick Boseman as Star-Lord.

Steve Rogers as Spider-Man and the main attraction, Gamora as Thanos. It is said that there might be an episode with What if Loki was a female.

All of this info was received from a Lego toy collection merchandise set to release when What If..? released.

There are more with Scarlet Witch, White Vision, Falcon in Cap’s uniform, and more. We don’t know how far we could predict with just toys.

Just take this is as a possibility while we look for more evidence. To know more, stay tuned to News Fetcher.










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