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What Song Does Loki Sing On The Train? Loki’s Drunken Song That’s Stuck In Our Head

Loki Episode 3

Loki is no Asgardian, and he keeps reminding us about that very often nowadays. Because Thor could hold up a lot of liquor, and Loki could apparently get drunk on cocktails and Champagne.

How did Loki get drunk so soon?

Loki is very careful, and he never does anything without reason. In that way, we thought maybe he meant to get himself thrown out of the train?

Well, we can’t give him that much credit, too. Sometimes his brain is as good as a 3-year-old so, there might be a chance that he completely let his guard down and got drunk and exposed himself.

What song does Loki sing for Sylvie?

We know that Loki found about his adoption really late, so there is no way the song he sung has anything to do with the Frost Giants.

So, our next guess is that it is some song that was sung in Asgard. It was fun seeing drunk Loki. He looked a lot like our cheesy rom-com star who gets drunk and starts talking about Love.

Well, Love is an invisible dagger, phew that’s a bad quote. Maybe you can still get some pointers from it if you look at it.

What language song did Loki sing for Sylvie?

We now know that Lady Loki’s name is Sylvie, and our doubt about being good is starting to become clear. Anyway, the Train scene gives us input on both of them, but most of them were about Loki.

After Loki accepts he is bisexual, talks some more, and gets Sylvie to sleep, she wakes up to a drunk Loki singing and ending up giving us love philosophy.

The song goes like this,

“She sings, she sings come home

When she sings, she sings come home”

This part is alone in English, and the remaining are in Asgardian, and we don’t have the translation yet, but it looked like Loki was falling for Sylvie a little bit.

Whatever now they are partners in either destroying the world or saving it! Stay Tuned!

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