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What To Expect in Deadpool & Wolverine’s Second Trailer?

Deadpool & Wolverine

First trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine

The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine emphasized Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson and the movie’s place as a sequel to his previous film. This came along with teases of its Multiversal plot and MCU connections through the TVA.

Going into the second trailer, fans should prepare for a much bigger focus on the MCU blockbuster’s other titular hero – Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine. After all, the Australian actor reprising his mutant role is undeniably among the movie’s strongest selling points that will become prominent in the near-release marketing.

MCU fans will likely be treated to a proper look at Jackman in his comic-accurate yellow and blue Wolverine suit getting into some action with Deadpool. The dynamic between Jackman and Reynolds’ mutants will likely be vital to Deadpool 3 and the upcoming trailer could emphasize their banter to make that clear.

One of the biggest surprises in Deadpool & Wolverine’s first trailer came with the reveal that Aaron Stanford is returning as the fire-powered mutant Pyro. As the Multiversal threequel is expected to be packed with past Marvel cameos, it wouldn’t be surprising to see at least one more confirmed in the second trailer.

Among those who could be finally confirmed with the trailer is Jennifer Garner’s Elektra, who made her debut in Ben Affleck’s 2003 Daredevil movie. Her involvement in Deadpool & Wolverine has been all-but-confirmed since last July and now may be time to make it official with a peak at Elektra back in action.

Additionally, the first trailer only included a back-of-the-head shot of Emma Corrin’s Cassandra Nova – the sister of Charles Xavier who will antagonize Deadpool, Wolverine, and the whole Multiverse in the threequel. The next look ought to dive more into her villainy with a proper look at her in action.

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