When is High School DXD Season 5 getting released?

High School DXD has been receiving overwhelmingly high popularity for its musical numbers, dazzling visuals, and generous fanservice. Even the plot has received fairly good reviews too but some aren’t very satisfied. 

The series has a total of four seasons, with the latest season being aired from April to July 2018. Originally a light novel series written by Ichiei Ishibumi, the plot focuses on the journey of Issei Hyodo. 

A perverted (hentai) high school student, Hyodo has this weird fantasy of becoming the Harem King. However, his dreams are thwarted when he’s killed by his first date, a fallen angel.

But fortunately, he’s brought back to life by Rias in the form of a devil and serves her. With the four seasons striking a chord with many, it’s obvious why High School DXD Season 5 is something to look forward to.

Read further to get all the important info about its release date and expected plot. 

Release Date of High School DXD Season 5

Many reliable sources have confirmed that High School DXD Season 5 has already been renewed. However, in terms of an official announcement, there hasn’t been any. 

The fourth season, consisting of 12 episodes, got released way back in 2018. Since the four seasons had 12 episodes, we can expect the fifth season to have 12 too.

Everyone was expecting the fifth season to get released in 2020. But since the COVID-19 pandemic had made its onset, we saw that most shows were canceled or got delayed. 

It’s reasonable to speculate that the fifth season might get released somewhere in 2021. Hopefully. 

Expected Plot of Season 5

The latest season, Season 4, had already covered the events that took place in the novel’s 9th and 10th volumes. It was indeed heartening to see Issei and Rias becoming a couple after centuries of fans shipping the two.

Also, Azazel can’t help shaking off the feeling that Issei is up to something shady. It’d be interesting to see what Issei is up to and also what Azazel might respond with.

The new season might commence with the events of the Middle-Class Promotion Test. We’ll get glimpses of the trio, Kiba, Akeno, and Issei, working hard to pass the test with flying colors.

Most of the materials will be sourced directly from the next two volumes, 11 and 12 of the novel. But one can never rule out some minor changes.


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