When will Bleach Season 17 be released?


The immensely popular anime series, Bleach based on Tite Kubo’s shonen manga of the same name is returning once again on screen! Though the manga wrapped up in 2016, the anime plotline will continue by taking influence from two popular arcs of the manga.

Fans across the world had given up on ever seeing the Bleach storyline getting a conclusion. Tite Kubo himself didn’t believe the anime would ever return for a final season. However, great news came knocking on the 20th anniversary of the manga series. The creators announced that they will be releasing not only one, but multiple Bleach projects- one being the Final season.


Release Date of Bleach Final Season

The 17th and final season of Bleach are scheduled for a release in the first half of 2021, possibly April. The exact date has not been announced yet.

There seems to have been a considerable delay due to the global pandemic. However now, the production has resumed so that’s good news. Watch out for a trailer as it will be released anytime soon!


What Will Season 17 of Bleach be about?

It’s been confirmed that Bleach Season 17 will be based on the ‘Thousand-Year Blood War’ arc. The anime ran for 366 Episodes and covered a lot of the original manga’s storylines except for the final arc. So, finally getting this much-anticipated conclusion to the entire story is a great celebratory moment for long-time fans.

In the upcoming Season 17, Ichigo Hollow has disappeared and chaos prevails everywhere. In this last arc, there will be a major confrontation between the Soul Reapers and the Quincy. Ichigo has to go through an immensely back-breaking training to save the Soul Society from Yhwach, the Quincy King.

Other Upcoming Bleach Projects

Besides the hype of the final season’s arrival, other upcoming projects include an art exhibit. And there’s also much talk regarding a Bleach OVA film titled ‘Burn the Witch’. It will be based on a short spin-off manga serialization.

This spinoff is set in the same world as the original Bleach story. The plot is about a coven of witches acting as a substitute for Soul Reapers to fight off supernatural entities.







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