When Will Episode 4 of Horimiya Season 1 be Released?

Horimiya is a new slice-of-life anime that premiered its first episode on January 10, 2021. It is based on the web manga series Hori-San to Miyamura-Kun, created by Hiroki Adachi who published under the pseudonym Hero. This highly anticipated romance anime is set to release a total of 13 episodes. 

So far, viewers have left amazing reviews about the anime adaptation. Read on to find out about the upcoming episode!

What is the Plot of Horimiya About? 

The plot follows the relationship that develops between two completely different high school students, Kyoko Hori who is a bright and popular girl, and Izumi Miyamura who is a reserved and nerdy boy.

They have an unexpected encounter one day outside school. After this, they come to gradually realize that the persona both of them show in school is very different to their actual personalities. Both of them are unwilling to reveal their real selves to everyone in school so they make a deal to keep each other’s secret safe.

This similar understanding between them ultimately makes them relate to each other. So this leads to them forming a friendship which later on blooms into romance.

When Will Horimiya Episode 4 Air? 

Episode 4 of Horimiya is set to be released on January 31, 2021. The title of this episode is ‘Everybody Loves Somebody’.

What Happened in Horimiya Episode 3? 

In Episode 3, viewers got to see some flashbacks of Miyamura’s childhood. He has always felt isolated and lonely ever since he was younger. He didn’t fit in with his peers. With such a past, it’s hard for him to not feel scared and doubt himself.

He is not secure about his relationship with Hori even though she makes him very happy. This makes him ask Toru what Hori thinks of him. Meanwhile, Remi asks Hori whether she’s dating Miyamura. When Hori replies no, Remi reveals that she asked because she wants to ask Miyamura out.


This pushes Hori to declare that Miyamura is hers. She is later seen hanging out with him and both of them watch a horror movie together.

Hopefully, Episode 4 will show this unlikely pair becoming more close. Their awkward attempts at expressing their feelings are adored by many viewers. Let’s all hang on tight to our excitement and wait for the next episode’s release!


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