When Will Loki Return to the MCU? Loki’s Ending Explained By Loki Himself

Loki star and executive producer Tom Hiddleston spoke about his character’s sacrifice seen in Season 2, Episode 6, with Loki now holding the Multiverse together and taking over He Who Remains’ post.

Looking back on how Loki has been “driven by self-interest, isolated – largely by himself” for so long, Hiddleston described the character’s sacrifice in the Season 2 finale as both “wholly appropriate” and “very moving” for him:

“Now that the Season 2 of ‘Loki’ has aired, I feel…in the performing of it, in the planning of it, in the developing of it, in the writing of it, that Loki’s sacrifice was wholly appropriate and, for me personally, very moving. You’ve got a character who, for as long as he’s been around, has been driven by self-interest, isolated – largely by himself. On the surface, charismatic and charming and playful, but on the inside, defensive and vulnerable and hurt and alone, and someone who’s never felt like he belonged anywhere.”

Loki and Sylvie in the castle Image Credit: Disney+

Hiddleston took fans behind the curtain as he explained how Loki attempts to “fashion the world so it belongs to him,” noting how Season 2 is really about “his connection with Mobius and…with Sylvie” along with his other friends as he learns about trust:

“And so, rather than live in the vulnerability of not belonging, he tries to fashion the world so it belongs to him. It’s full of drive, and he’s at the center of it, and I think the journey he goes on across Season 2 is through his connection with Mobius and his connection with Sylvie. Mobius as a friend and a guide, Sylvie as a mirror that reflects and challenges him. And all of his other friends, B-15 and Casey and OB and his experiences in the TVA, they have opened up his heart and mind to the possibility of trusting, this character who could never be trusted, who’s not worthy of being trusted.”

In this new season, Hiddleston’s MCU anti-hero feels a sense of belonging while he takes “a journey of humility and acceptance,” referencing how he’s moved from being “burdened with glorious purpose” to a sense of “selflessness and generosity and love:”

“And suddenly, he feels like he belongs, and that, to me, is a journey of humility and acceptance, and the idea that somebody who once arrived and said he was burdened with glorious purpose, that he was entitled to it, that it was all about glory, but by the end, he understands that purpose is about selflessness and generosity and love, and that he has a purpose that can help others live. I just found it… it had a poetic resolution I found extremely satisfying, and I hope the audience feel that too, and that it resonates with them.”

The Loki star concluded by looking at the real world and how people “need to feel in charge of [their] own lives” and have the ability to “rewrite the story:”

“I think we can all connect to it, I think we all need to feel in charge of our own lives – we’d like to. We all understand, I hope, that we can rewrite the story, that we have the free will to make the choices which add up to the picture of our lives, and that it’s Loki that’s asking those questions, to me, is fascinating.”

When Will Loki Return to the MCU?

With the Multiverse playing such a pivotal role across the aptly named Multiverse Saga, it would be shocking to see Loki kept on the sidelines for too long even though he’s in such an important position after Season 2.

The most immediate option in line for Hiddleston’s comeback would likely be next year’s Deadpool 3, which is set to open the Multiverse to new levels as Deadpool and Wolverine move over from the 20th Century Fox world into the MCU.

After that, fans will look forward to 2026’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and 2027’s Avengers: Secret Wars, both of which will dive deep into other universes as the Kang threat becomes more real, with Loki knowing more about the villain than anybody else right now.

And with no indications pointing to if or when Loki Season 3 could become a reality, even though the creative team has ideas on the table, the wait for Hiddleston’s fan-favorite hero will continue after another exciting round of action.

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