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When Will Ms. Marvel Release on Disney+?

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Ms. Marvel is set to introduce a new MCU hero into the mix, but in the past months, the series’ release timeline has been making headlines online. The COVID-19 pandemic instigated a domino effect that led to numerous delays for Marvel films and shows, such as the Iman Vellani-led series. Initially, Ms. Marvel was slated for 2022, but previous reports indicated that it would release in 2021 instead.

During Disney’s Investor Day 2020, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige confirmed that Ms. Marvel would debut before the end of last year. Alongside the announcement, the first official footage from the series was also unveiled, leaving fans to believe that the said release timeline would be followed.

Despite that, Entertainment Weekly shared that Hawkeye would first arrive on Disney+ in the same timeframe, meaning that Ms. Marvel ended up relegated to a 2022 release. It would have been unusual to have two Marvel shows running at the same time.

Disney’s Investor Call eventually confirmed that Ms. Marvel is now set to debut in Summer 2022, which is sometime between the months of July and September. Now, a new report may have teased the exact timeframe of the show’s premiere.

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When Will Ms. Marvel Release on Disney+?

The Hollywood Partnership committee shared an update on upcoming road closures of Hollywood Blvd., in which Ms. Marvel is slated to have its red carpet premiere on June 2, 2022. This indicates that the MCU series will premiere on Disney+ within the following two weeks in early to mid-June.

CEO Bob Chapek earlier confirmed during Disney’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders that Ms. Marvel would be the next Marvel Studios Disney+ series to release after Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight.

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Will Ms. Marvel’s Premiere Coincide with Obi-Wan Kenobi?

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This latest update about Ms. Marvel is a promising one, especially after a series of reported delays.

Moon Knight’s Hollywood premiere is set to arrive on March 22, 2022, which is a week before its worldwide premiere on Disney+ on March 30. Based on that trend, given that Ms. Marvel will have its premiere on June 2, this means that the show’s arrival on the streaming service will likely be on June 8.

A June 8 premiere for Ms. Marvel would indicate that it would coincide with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s run on Disney+. It has been previously confirmed that Obi-Wan Kenobi will have a six-episode slate on Disney+, meaning that its third episode will stream at the same time as Ms. Marvel’s debut installment.

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If this happens, this would mark the first time that an MCU show and a Star Wars series will premiere at the same time on Disney+. This could serve as a precedent for future shows under Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm as the studios expand their content on the service.

A June release window for Ms. Marvel would also mean that fans will wait for a month before another Marvel Studios project will be released, since Moon Knight’s finale and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ debut will arrive in the first week of May 2022.

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