Where is Hulk Going in a Spacecraft?

One thing about Hulk and Spacecraft is that it never ends well for them when they are in an equation together.

Now that he knows Jen Walters has already outgrown the binder, and she is not someone who would just sit and listen to what she is being told, there is not much for Bruce Banner or the Smart Hulk to offer.

Where is Hulk going?

Now this answer might include serious spoilers about the future of Hulk in MCU, so if you would like to leave some content out for the sake of surprise elements, then we kindly suggest you stop looking further.

Well, we warned you! Now, if you have already streamed the first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, you know that a Sakaaran spacecraft appeared before them, which in turn resulted in their accident, turning Jen Walters into She-Hulk.

According to Banner, the spacecraft that came was not there to attack but was instead a courier craft.

This may send us off thinking it might be just a Grand Master warning for Hulk to return and finish his contract as his champion.

But, according to the comics, it is more than that.

Does Hulk have a son?

The answer is yes, as per the comics. In the comics, during his time in Sakaar, Hulk meets up with a Sakaaran woman, and they have a child. Now, the events that happen in the comics are different from there.

Because in MCU, the event that led Hulk out of Sakaar was Thor getting him to save Asgard from Hella, and they ended up in the battle back on the field in Infinity War.

Even though the events that take place in the comics are different, we are sure the only reason anyone could get Hulk back on a spacecraft to Sakaar is the news about his son.

We are yet to see how this will come out, but as of now, our bets are on Hulk jetting off the Sakaar.

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