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Who Are The Three Guys In Loki Episode 4 Post-Credit Scene?

Fans love it when they are correct, and we love it when we get to see a lot of Loki in one place. So, yeah, the Three guys in the post-credit scene are Loki.

Who Are The Three Guys in the post-credit scene?

When Loki was pruned, half of our heart melted, and the remaining went into a shock. We never thought he would be pruned.

But thank Heavens for the post-credit scene. We know that he is still alive. So, the three guys in the post-credit scene of Episode 4 are all Loki Variants.

One is Kid Loki, old Loki, and another one is a mixture of Loki and Thor, who is worthy to lift Mjolnir. We are sure Loki will have a lot of questions for him about Mjolnir tho.

Where did Loki fall after being pruned?

Loki thinking, he is in Hel without a semblance of doubt is too funny. But Loki, after being pruned, did not get to Hel but went to post-apocalyptic New York.

We are not aware of the year yet, but whatever the year may be, something has happened and has caused a ripple where all four Loki variants are in one place.

This might cause a Nexus event soon, and the variants look like they already have a plan to get out.

Will Loki survive?

Yes, that’s our guess and hope. We want Loki to survive because we have already seen him die in Infinity War, and we are not ready to see that happen again.

No matter what plans Marvel has for Loki, we want the God of Mischief alive and well. We know it’s too much to ask, but can Marvel make sure Mobius comes back too?

We would love to see him ride a Jet Ski and teach Loki how to be good.

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