Who Is Emilia Clarke Playing In Marvel’s Secret Invasion?

Murphy’s Multiverse insider Charles Murphy revealed that Secret Invasion stars Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman are both playing spies in the upcoming Disney+ series. Specifically, Clarke is playing “a spy with powers.”

“Both spies. Clarke a spy with powers”

The insider then clarified that he’s been given no further details regarding the identity of Clarke’s character:

“On Colman and Clarke’s roles: I have no idea who the characters are. I see what I said about Clarke already getting spun. I do not know who she is playing. Never gave a character name.”

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Emilia Clarke Has Even More Secrets in Secret Invasion

While this tidbit does offer just a glimpse behind the curtain on one of Marvel’s seemingly most secretive upcoming projects, it actually poses more questions than it does answer them.

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Clarke has made it known that she is so excited to be a part of the MCU but does not want to spoil who she is actually playing. That combined with the mention that Secret Invasion would just be the start for the character means that the former Game of Thrones actress is obviously playing someone pretty major.

The MCU is in such an interesting place, introducing what seem to be major players in the next five to ten years of the franchise in nearly every Phase Four project so far. Two major bombs that are about to drop at Marvel Studios are those tying back to the Fantastic Four and X-Men, so perhaps Clarke has some connection to either of those.

If Secret Invasion takes advantage of its space-faring nature, then Emilia Clarke may have some tie to Marvel’s fantastic foursome. But Murphy does make it sound like she will have these powers in the series.

This means that if she were to play someone like Sue Storm, it would not make sense for her to have powers in Secret Invasion as Marvel Studios will likely want to give those characters their origin in Jon Watts’ Fantastic Four.

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