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Who Is Galactus’ Daughter? New Character Explained

a picture of Galacta

The first trailer for Marvel Rivals ended with a first look and tease of Galactus’ daughter Galacta who will play an important role in the game.

Marvel Rivals has already confirmed playable heroes and villains from across the superhero world such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Loki, Luna Snow, and Magneto, but one of the game’s characters is stirring up confusion.

Galactus’ daughter Galacta debuted in April 2009’s Assistant-Sized Spectacular #2 and has since accused only a couple of appearances in Marvel Comics, making her major role in Marvel Rivals something of a shock for everybody.

Galacta – who is not part of the official Earth-616 Marvel continuity – has spent her life hiding on Earth as a human teenager called Gail, despite having the same world-consuming powers and cosmic hunger as her father.

Regardless, the estranged daughter of Galactus is far less villainous than her father and has spent her life searching for other ways to stop her cosmic hunger.

She has often used her powers for good to protect the Earth from immense danger and even to consume alien viruses to prevent them from spreading to humanity.

Among her abilities displayed include cloaking, cosmic awareness, teleportation, energy control, hyper-acceleration, levitation, and molecular restructuring.

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