Who Killed Hunter C-20? Renslayer Lying About Sylvie Is Proving Fans’ Theory

Whatever the truth is about the Variants and TVA, we know one thing for sure: Sylvie did not kill Hunter C-20.

Who killed Hunter C-20?

From the beginning of the episode, we are told that C-20 is dead, and the reason is that her mind just collapsed.

We know that Renslayer is lying, and we later find out that C-20 started to realize the truth about TVA, which may be why she was killed. After Sylvie got into her head everything started to unravel.

The one that shut down the investigation was Renslayer so. We think it might have been her who killed C-20.

Now that we know Time-Keepers is a fake too, the true question of who created the TVA comes up.

This right now makes both Loki and Sylvie the good guys and the ones who will save the Universe, and that’s a change we never saw coming since Loki debuted in the Thor franchise.

What is Renslayer hiding?

We don’t think she is completely at her own will too. She is working for someone but definitely not for those fake robots sitting there.

Fan theory is that she works for Kang the Conqueror, or he has her in some kind of spell.

But whatever the reason is, we know that she did not prune Mobius without feeling bad. Her reaction while pruning him gave us a hint of her wishing that she didn’t do it.

Whatever the reason, now Sylvie has the upper hand. She can find out about every little secret Renslayer has, and we don’t think she was acting alone all this while.

If she was indeed working for Kang, then his effects in the current timeline will be far superior than fans expected. Because according to the TVA, all this while, they were the only force controlling time.

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