Who Was Fighting With Wong In The Fighting Cage In Shang-Chi?

How Did Wong Get Abomination out of Prison In Shang-Chi?

Now Wong, being the badass he is, straight up taking down Abomination, like it’s no big deal and we are here for it.

To those who are new to the Marvel universe, that big guy right there who looked like a mix of Hulk and bad form of Alien is called Abomination.

Now, this guy was the main villain in Incredible Hulk. But, unfortunately, his story is too complicated. He was sent to capture Hulk by Secretary Ross by giving him a failed Super-Soldier serum.

After facing a crushing defeat, the now Abomination took another transformation and became his now glorious self.


By the end of the Incredible Hulk, Banner defeated Abomination, who went berserk over the town. However, the U.S. government, still not satisfied, decided to take him under the Avengers banner.

After some turns, he ended up under the custody of S.H.E.I.L.D. After a while, we finallye see him fighting Wong in the ring, and Wong beats him with his own punch and takes him along.

The reason why Abomination is out and about might be because SHIELD is no more active. But there is news that Abomination will be brought into the spotlight again in She-Hulk.

Now we know that whatever happened in She-Hulk gave Bruce Banner his old body back. According to Shang-Chi’s post-credit scene, we no longer have Smart Hulk from the Endgame.


We still don’t know the exact timeline of all the events that happened after Endgame, so waiting to find out what started what and how things went into action.

From the looks of it, we might have a multiversal war very soon, and it looks like everyone is doing their best to make it happen, including Doctor Strange.

So, get ready and stay tuned.

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