Why Did Attorney Jacob resign from his Job?


“The Entitled” on Netflix is all about romance, comedy, and drama. And Attorney Jacob is part of it all.

Who is Attorney Jacob?

Attorney Jacob is the Hero of the movie who everybody seems to have a crush on. He is the Lawyer who works for Enrico, Belinda’s Dad. He is the one who trains Belinda to become the COO of the company. He becomes great friends with Belinda and also gets romantically involved with her. He likes her despite who she is.

Why did he resign?

In the later half of the movie, we find out that Belinda’s stepmother Matilda is the person who steals money from Enrico’s company and plans to blame it on Belinda. Attorney Jacob secretly works for her to help her with this plan. But then, when realizes that he likes Belinda, he has a change of heart and doesn’t want to help Matilda anymore, but she threatens him.


However, after Matilda blames Belinda for stealing, Attorney Jacob tells Enrico the truth. When Belinda finds out the truth, she walks away and goes back to Nalapok. Attorney Jacob feels shameful and embarrassed for helping Matilda in the cruel plan. He tries to gain Belinda’s trust back by leaving his job and going to Nalapok to apologize to her. Belinda does forgive him, and they confess their love for each other and get back together.

Attorney Jacob was one of Enrico’s most trusted employees, so it was fair enough for Enrico to feel betrayed too. Although since Belinda has forgiven Jacob, maybe Enrico might force him to.  So he might return to Enrico’s company after all. 

In case you are wondering, Why Did Matilda From ‘The Entitled’ Steal Money From Enrico’s Company? Here’s why.

If you haven’t watched The Entitled yet, you watch the movie on Netflix. The movie is about how Belinda bumbles her way through a new, sophisticated lifestyle with the help of a charming lawyer after learning her estranged father is a hotel mogul.


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