Why Did Sakura Love Sasuke Even After He went Rogue?

If you want to quote one of the toxic couples to your friend who keeps running into the same old toxic relationship, you can quote Sasuke and Sakura very well.

Why Sasuke?

What still baffles many fans is that why on Earth Sakura keeps chasing Sasuke even after everything he put her through. Now the reason why Naruto was still chasing Sakura while everyone around him knew Hinata’s crush is still unknown, but what keeps on annoying us is “Why Sasuke????”

Now it’s not just like he just went rogue and ignored her existence; he, also on several occasions, came at her with full-on intent to kill. If not for Naruto, she would’ve died in the hands of Sasuke.

Who deserved her?

Well, if you ask me, Bushy Brows or Sai deserved Sakura better than Sasuke. While the number of people that had a crush on Sakura kept increasing even to the level of Shinobi proposing to her during the War while she healed them, she kept holding a candle to her love for Sasuke.

While we understand that Love endures it all, what Sakura went through to get Sasuke’s attention and turn him around was too much.

Well, we get it, he is amazingly hot for an anime, and when he is introduced in Shippuden for the first time, we do forget that he is an anime character, and we ogle at his bare chest.

Ino matured better than Sakura

In that case, we start to develop a sense of respect towards Ino. She did love Sasuke but gave up when she knew she couldn’t control fate. Even though her dream during the Infinite Tsukuyomi was about Sasuke, we know in the real world, Ino had accepted the fact that Sasuke is out of her grasp.

We do get that as friends; she and Naruto wanted to protect Sasuke and change him, but what kept annoying us till the very end was how Sakura would still be in love with Sasuke.

Another Sakura

Sasuke almost kills Karin, and we see her crushing all over him the next time she sees him, and we think she is crazy. But Sakura is far worse when we look at that angle. At least Karin was just a temporary teammate for Sasuke, and still, we saw her boiling in anger against him when he tried to kill her.

Well, it did evaporate the second she saw him, but at least she had some kind of outburst. With the power Sakura holds within, she should’ve given Sasuke left and right when he comes to apologies. What shocks us more is that Sakura and Sasuke are married in Boruto: The Next Generation.

Well, maybe Love is really blind!



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