Why Didn’t Chris Evans Voice Skinny Steve Rogers?

We know that Chris Evans’ contract with Marvel is over, but fans finally expected a little bit of him through the anime but were disappointed.

A lot of things are going on with Marvel and its OG Avengers cast. The first one was Robert Downey Jr unfollowing all of them on Instagram.

The next one and the cherry on the top would be Scarlett Johannsson suing Marvel with the Black Widow-related issue.

We don’t know if it is related, but Chris Evans did not voice Steve Rogers.


Why didn’t Chris Evans voice Steve Rogers?

All the MCU actors reprised their basic roles in the anime series except Chris Evans.

The first episode gave fans a reason to worry, and that started as soon as they saw the cast names.

Every name looked familiar, from Hayley Atwell to Sebastian Stan to even a small cameo from Samuel L Jackson and Jeremy Renner, but Chris Evans was not there.

The reason for this remains unconfirmed. The recording for this was done way before the pandemic ever started. Even Chadwick Boseman had recorded his part in 2019 so, the reason is not the pandemic.

Who voiced Steve Rogers in What If….?

Well, if you look at the end credits, you can find Josh Wheadon’s name. We have no idea how he was brought in after the whole fiasco with DC.

But the truth is he is the one who voiced Steve Rogers’s role, and that’s why it sounded unfamiliar while all the other characters sounded familiar.

As of now, the story of Captain Carter looks finished, but we can’t tell for sure. We may have more of her story coming in as the series catches momentum.

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