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The Witcher: Why Does Netflix’s Geralt Differ From The Games?

It should be noted that the Witcher right now has become the most-watched Netflix Original. Well, until Bridgerton took its place one year later.

In for the long ride!

Anyway, the Witcher has a huge fan base which neither the company nor the actors thought would have. The Witcher video games were famous among gamers, but the love for the show is out of the world.

Even though the fans got the first season back in 2019 and haven’t gotten anything for over a year and a half, they have been still now hooked to the show and its updates.

With the show directly diving into the short story’ Last Wish‘, it has actually taken place far before the timeline we see in the games.

The show has a way younger Geralt when compared to the games. He is also less experienced and hasn’t gotten his trademark scar yet on his face.

Different Timeline

The show is right now in a very early stage with the stories concerning Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri. While the games have a separate plot, it takes place after all of the book’s events are over.

That puts the games in a timeline that won’t clash with the book. Lauren Hissrich, the showrunner, said that they went for the book rather than the games because they didn’t be an adaptation’s adaptation.

That actually makes sense because now that they went to the source materials, the show writers have many creative things to bring out, and sometimes they even bring out some significant changes.

Major Twists!

According to what we hear about the second season, there will be some significant changes in the show compared to the books.



The Geralt in the show is younger than the games, but that’s not the only thing to notice. Geralt, we see in the games, is far more experienced, and his signature combat weapon is two swords.

He is an epic monster hunter, and as a way to keep himself alive, Geralt uses two swords, one an ordinary one and another a silver sword, to kill magical monsters.

The Witcher medallion plays a more significant role in the games, whereas in the show and the book, it’s nothing but just a medallion.

In the games, the medallion can actually detect any evil or monster presence. It can even uncover imposters, so it was useful in guiding the monster hunter.

The medallion thing is a lost cause in the show, but the sword thing might be followed soon. Geralt is still young, and after some years, he might actually pick up two swords and will get his scar too.

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