Why Is Jeff Bezos Going To Space Next Month?

Why Is Jeff Bezos Going To Space Next Month?

It looks like when you have too much money, nothing in the world is stopping you from doing something as crazy as going to space.

Why is Jeff Bezos going to space?

They call it a childhood dream, we call it billionaire going crazy. But to be frank, with everything that is happening on Earth right now, we might just go with him if we could afford it.

Jeff Bezos has said that this is something he wanted to do since he was five years old and added another line to show how serious he is about this.

“I’ve been studying it and thinking about it since I was a five-year-old boy — but that is not why I’m pursuing this work. I’m pursuing this work because I believe if we don’t, we will eventually end up with a civilization of stasis, which I find very demoralizing.”

How long will Jeff Bezos be in space?

Well, according to what we could gather, the journey is set to a destination just 11 minutes above Earth.

His brother and four other members will join the billionaire.


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Is Jeff Bezos still the CEO of Amazon?

Well, he is still the CEO, but this journey is set on July 20th, just 15 days after his said day of resignation.

So, this is more of his retirement plan.

Who won the Space auction conducted by Jeff Bezos?

The winner of the month-long auction, who would be lucky enough to take the place of the sixth member, hasn’t been announced yet.

The amount has already been made to $2.8 million. The auction amount will be contributed to the space company Bezos has created, Blue Origin.

Why Is Jeff Bezos Going To Space Next Month?
Jeff Bezos

Has Elon musk been to space?

You would think someone as crazy as Elon Musk would be crazy enough to go to space already, but no, Jeff Bezos is beating him to it.

Jeff Bezos is said to be the first billionaire to go to space.

Guess what? If this works, we can go to space for less than half-hour if we could afford it.



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