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Why is Jiraiya’s Headband Different?


There are many things about our Pervy Sage that we don’t know clearly about, and one thing that troubled us the most was why wasn’t he wearing the leaf symbol on his headband.

Absentee Godfather of Naruto!

Another question fans never got the answer to was, “Why didn’t Jiraiya come and take care of Naruto after Minato and Kushina died?” Him being his grandson and Godson all… There are some reasons, but the series doesn’t directly acknowledge them.

We will keep that for another day; today, we will see why he wore a different headband than others.

Legendary Sanin

At first, while I was just a beginner watching the series, I thought maybe it’s a headband worn by the legendary Sanin of Leaf, and it’s a symbol devoted to them. We couldn’t confirm that theory because neither did Tsunade or Orochimaru wear a headband, so that theory hangs in mid-air as of now.

Next would be because he was a spy. We see Tsunade confronting Jiraiya finally before his last mission and telling him she knows why he puts himself at risk often. As we know, it is because Jiraiya couldn’t stop Orochimaru that fateful day, he keeps tabs on him and goes around spying on our Snake guy. After him, he goes on to spying on the Akatsuki.

Traveling Shinobi

With that and while seeing Jiraiya‘s earlier days, we knew that he was a traveler, spy, and of course, a pervy tourist. In order to slip into villages and other areas freely without being noticed or offending the people of the place, Jiraiya chose his headband, which had nothing to do with the villages known to people all around.

The symbol of Jiraiya’s headband was ‘Oil.’ Remember the oil Jiraiya and Naruto trained in Myoboku? Jiraiya also is known for his toad oil spitting Jutsu; he actually mastered a lot of things thanks to his training with the Toads of Myoboku. To show his gratitude to the place which gave him the zeal and reason to be a shinobi, he might’ve worn the symbol too.

Per Request of The Third Hokage?

Also, don’t forget about the places he chooses to visit while he is on his journey. Probably Third Hokage and his Sensei, Sarutobi, asked him not to taint the village’s name by wearing the headband in places like that. Sarutobi probably asked him just to remove it while he goes to places like that; given that Jiraiya visits those places way more than anyone could think of, he probably decided to change it.

Maybe in Boruto, we might get a proper explanation and story behind it? Well, we would have to wait and watch for that!

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