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Why is King Viserys Getting Treated with Maggots?

Why is King Viserys Getting Treated with Maggots?

Now, this should be one of the least ew scenes, given that we have been watching Game of Thrones right from the red wedding; maggots may even seem normal in this world of fantasy.

If you are still roaming the internet looking at the articles related to the second episode of House of the Dragon without watching the episode, then may the seven gods of Westores help you.

How did Viserys get hurt?

According to the king, it happened while sitting on the Iron Throne. Even though we barely see him sit on it as he was mostly roaming around talking with his most eligible suitors, he thinks it was the cut he got through those swords.

Now, we do get to witness the wounds from the first episode, some on his back, but this one is said to be a little serious because the Grand Maester suggested that if he doesn’t, there is no saving his fingers.

What disease does Viserys I have?

As of now, even the Maester is perplexed about how this keeps repeating, but the latest is the finger. Now we did see him suggest a new way of treatment in the first episode, to which the king reluctantly agreed, looks like it was with Maggots.

While we have seen the worst scenes that made us cringe, shriek, and throw up, well, remember the Red Wedding, the beheading of papa Stark?

And why go that far, even in today’s episode, we get to witness crabs feasting on pirates, so seeing the Maggots being voluntarily poured on the King’s hand shouldn’t come as a surprise given that it is the world of Westeros.

They nearly got a twelve-year-old to talk about bedding the old king, who is older than her father, so maggots no longer creep us out.

As far as the question of whether it really worked is concerned, we aren’t sure since this was apparently just a temporary treatment to save his finger.

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