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Why Is Loki Episode 3 Opening Song Important?

Loki Episode 3

“Loki” Episode 3 manages to throw all expectations out the window with its unique song choice. That is to say that, as an Electropop song plays over its opening credits.

But the song doesn’t just work as a way to kick “Loki” Episode 3 off on an interesting note, it also ties in thematically with both the scene it plays over and the Disney+ series as a whole.

The song in question is “Demons” by Hayley Kiyoko, and its lyrics add an interesting layer to the opening scene of “Loki” Episode 3. The song opens with the line “Please forgive me, I’ve got demons in my head,” which is then repeated several times in its chorus.

The lyrics in the song’s verses and bridge go on to tie back into that line, as Kiyoko details what it feels like for a person to constantly battle with their personal demons (“Don’t bother me, my misery / It’s holding me, won’t let me speak”).

With that in mind, it’s fitting that the song is used in an episode of “Loki,” a show that is already so much about what happens when a character is forced to come to terms with their own flaws and mistakes.

On a more surface level, the song’s lyrics also work as a fun nod to the literal circumstances of the “Loki” Episode 3 opening scene, in which a being with a horned crown infiltrates another person’s mind.

Demons in the head, indeed. Can’t wait for Episode 4 already which is Tom Hiddleston’s favorite.

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