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Why Is The Akatsuki Ring Important?

The Akatsuki might be a pain in the butt most of the time and look like they never care for making a fashion statement, but one thing kept us confused throughout the series.

Fashion Statement?

Every time an Akatsuki member made a hand sign, we knew that our opponent is about to die, but we also noticed that they had the same kind of ring, and also most of them had nail paints in their hand.

While we see Zetsu keen on collecting the ring from the dead, we wonder why it is so important that everyone had one on them and why Orochimaru’s ring was never retrieved or why he was never replaced.

To Seal the Tailed Beast

We might have some guesses based on that, but we think at last all of which mattered was that ring was to be present on the members so that they can seal the tailed beast even when they are not present in the flesh.

We see those same symbols in their ring appear on the ten fingers of the statue, and each standing on top, either physically or through transmission, so like Itachi says to confuse Naruto, do those rings have power?

Did Itachi Lie?

Itachi did say that not only can his eyes cast Genjutsu, but he never tells his ring does. But we thought it might be the reason why all of them had it on because it’s not like the Akatsuki was interested in any ornaments.

While not only that, some fans suggest that the ring and the metal piercings on Pain and his alter egos are the same, and the members wore it to stay connected to him whenever he had orders for them.

If it’s none of this, then they probably wore it to make them look unique. They, after all, choose to wear the same robe for years. But what many fail to notice is that the specialty of each ring. If you hadn’t seen it closely, you might miss it.

Each ring had a different meaning to them; here’s everything you need to know.

Pain – “Zero” (Base Zero, where it all began)

Konan – “White” (Pure and Peaceful soul)

Itachi – “Scarlet” (The blood of his clan members)

Kisame – “South” (Probably something to with his origin)

Zetsu – “Boar” (or Pig, specifically in the sense of the Chinese Zodiac which is sent to clean up the scene)

Orochimaru – “Sky” or “Void” (Nothing can fill his soul)

Sasori > Tobi – “Jewel” or “Ball” or “Black King” (in Shogi)

Deidara – “Blue-Green”

Kakuzu – “North”

Hidan – “Three” (His lucky or should we say unlucky number)

While we got you some answers after we went through some fans sharing their point of view, we can without a doubt say that the ring didn’t add any kind of special ability. Also, it was not like they were in need of that!








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