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Why Jane Foster Is The Greatest Thor Ever


Jane Foster

Why Marvel Jane Foster Is The Greatest Thor Ever:

With the anticipation of Thor: Love and Thunder, fans are also curious as to what Marvel Jane Foster will bring to the MCU. In Marvel Comics, Jane Foster has, time and again, proven to be one of the greatest forces. Furthermore, she is a force to be reckoned with, especially in the Thor canon. And the biggest reason for this is her resilience and control.


Who Is Jane Foster And Why Is She, Thor?

Many call Marvel Jane Foster a superstar. Moreover, she has had quite a few different roles in the universe of Marvel Comics. From a star physician to most recently as a Valkyrie, she has been a lot. However, being Thor is one of her best roles to date. Why did you ask? There are a few reasons for that.

Firstly, Jane Foster possesses the spirit of a true hero. This is especially in the sense that she always puts others before herself for the sake of the greater good. One of the biggest evidence of this is when she is battling cancer and still becomes Thor. Moreover, as we know, in Mighty Thor #704, her husband and son die in a tragic car accident. Soon after, in Thor: God of Thunder #12, she gets diagnosed with cancer.

So, while she is still battling the disease, Thor loses his ability to wield the Mjolnir. This is when Marvel Jane Foster rises to the need for a new Thor. Then, she is able to wield Mjolnir herself. Subsequently, she defeats Malekith the Accursed, Dario Agger, and the Absorbing Man. Following this, she continues to act as the new Thor. And this is even after the hammer’s magical abilities purge toxins from her body, thus ridding her of her chemotherapy and causing her cancer to continue to kill her.


Other Evidence Of Why Marvel Jane Foster Is The Greatest Thor Ever:

In The Mighty Thor #703-#706, Doctor Strange confirms that Jane’s cancer has become severe. It gets to a stage that transforming into Thor even one more time will kill her. She still transforms to stop Mangog from attacking Asgard. Following this, she dies a true hero’s death. It’s a kind of nobility that makes Jane Foster the best Thor ever. She willingly sacrificed her life for the greater good.

Jane is a selfless warrior who rises even when she is at her weakest. Additionally, she is also extremely powerful. Along with matching Thor Odinson’s powers of super strength, speed, stamina/durability, flight, and lightning control, Jane has the most control over Mjolnir of any previous Thor. In Thor vol. 4 #5, we see that she can change the trajectory and velocity of the hammer mid-throw. In addition to this, she can also spin it around her enemies in order to trap them. Her unique abilities to control the hammer make her unique and quite powerful.


In Conclusion:

Jane Foster is undoubtedly a powerful character in the Thor canon. She is a doctor who becomes Thor and then a Valkyrie. And all the while, she deals with the loss of her loved ones and battles cancer. Regardless of all this, she sacrifices all that she can muster for the sake of others and brings a new way of wielding Mjolnir to the role of Thor. She’s resilient, strong, and she’s exactly what an Asgardian hero strives to be. Therefore, Marvel Jane Foster is, undeniably, the greatest Thor ever.


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