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Why was Dry Ice Used to Store Dreamfyre’s egg?

Why was a Barrel Used to Store Dreamfyre's egg?

Now with Dreamfyre’s egg being back in the Dragonpit, we cannot help but wonder if there are more eggs of the she-Dragon, Dreamfyre, that Rhaena rode across Westeros.

For the millionth time, we would like to remind you that this is not a spoiler-safe zone; we had to rant about what we saw immediately, so rush to finish the second episode and come here to theorize.

We can tell you without a doubt that Daemon did it to provoke the king; what we are still not sure about is why he had to take Dreamfyre’s egg out of all eggs.

What is that barrel used to store Dreamfyre’s egg?

With what we got from the second episode of House of the Dragon, even though they have some Dragons flying around, the Dragons are scarce, and their eggs are valuable as ever; well, if 50 Dragon keepers in the palace did not cement that fact, then we don’t know what else will.

We can tell without a semblance of doubt that Rhaneyra Targaryen‘s entry to the Dragonstone with her Dragon was as marvelous as we witnessed Danerys grow into her role as a ruler.

Now, we were left in awe over her way of handling things but one thing we were not fools enough to miss it that how they stored Dreamfyre’s egg.

The soldiers carried an iron vessel that looked like it was filled with dry ice to store the Dragon egg.

While we know how Danerys Targaryen brought a century of no Dragon to an end, we are not sure how keeping it in ice works.

According to scripts, it is said that a Dragon egg could be hatched only when they are in the Dragonpit, which might be the reason why they were kept in dry ice since the egg was with Daemon in Dragonstone for a while.

As to why Dreamfyre’s egg was so crucial to Viserys and Rhaenyra, well, we know that too now.

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