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Why was Viserys Angry When he Found Out that Daemon Took Dreamfyre’s Dragon Egg?

Why was Viserys Angry When he Found Out that Daemon Took Dreamfyre's Dragon Egg?

It is normal for Daemon to do things as he wishes to provoke the king or the Small Council, but this move came a little surprising from King Viserys I and Rhaenyra.

If you haven’t seen the second episode of House of the Dragon, we kindly advise you to kick off Monday in style for the next few weeks and catch up with the episode because no force in Westores can save you from the imminent spoilers.

Now, it’s not like Dragons were scarce in the current timeline as it is during the time of Daenerys Targaryen; well, we do get that it is less compared to Old Valyria.

Why did Viserys I get angry?

We know that Daemon has been trying to provoke his brother since he kinda banished him; we don’t blame him for that, but this act from Daemon made things turn upside down in the Small Council.

While the king himself offered to ride to Dragonstone to retrieve the egg, we cannot help but wonder if it is that serious.

Well, if you look keenly, you would notice that, let it be Viserys or Rhaenyra, both did seem pissed from the beginning, right from the wedding invitation, but what blew their top was when they found out which Dragon’s egg was stolen.

Why is Dreamfyre’s egg so important?

It is true that every Dragon egg is precious, but something about Dreamfyre and its history might be the reason why it is most sacred to the Targaryen king and princess.

According to the history and stories told, Dreamfyre has been coveted and feared by the rest of the world ever since princess Rhaena Targaryen rode it across Westeros.

It is a beautiful She-Dragon with blue and silver skin. We are unsure if it is the best Dragon out there, but it holds some sentimental value to both Viserys and Rhaenyra.

One of the reasons might be because it was the egg chosen by the princess for her own brother who died.

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